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Netflix Party Plus Extension

A free Netflix party plus addon that will let you watch together with your friends or family. Works all around the globe.

How to Use

Follow three simple steps to create Watch Party

How to Use

Follow three simple steps to create Watch Party

Netflix Party Plus Extension Step 1

Step ONE

Install Party+ Extension

Follow the above link to install Netflix Party Plus Chrome Extension. No Sign-up required

Netflix Party Plus Extension Step 2

Step Two

Play Netflix Video

Open Netflix website and start playing the video or resume the movie that you are previously watching

Netflix Party Plus Extension Step 3


Click on Extension & Create Party

Now click on the extension and create a party. Share the link with your friends or family to watch together.

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Netflix party Plus Features


Experience some of the realtime feature to keep you engaged throughout your party. You can take full control on the party by managing the video playback or you can let everyone manage on their own. All of the users data will be synced and presented instantly. Chat with your friends. Please do share your feedback to help us grow the service

My companion and I have begun utilizing this to marathon watch Netflix shows together. Nonetheless, every time we finish a scene, it shows us out of our gathering and we need to start from the very beginning once more. Except this everything is amazing.
Mary Scott
Managing Partner, LeadsHarvester
This extension is my new companion. Since I am missing out most of my friends and family with the help of this I can get in touch with them everyday. Must have tool during the times of global pandemic.
Alex Donelson
Designer at NextWay Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow three simple steps:

  1.  Install Our Chrome Extension
  2. Open Netflix and Login to your account. Then play any video
  3. Now click on the extension icon to create a party. Share the URL with your friends to invite them

Click on the shared link and then click on extension icon to Join the Party.

Also, there is no maximum limit but we prefer 50 people for a good chat session.

Yes, it’s totally free service which we made to connect during the time of global pandemic.

Sorry, but it won’t let you in. You must have a premium Netflix account to join or host the party. 

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