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How to Create Netflix Group Watch Party and Benefits 

Many people are feeling cut off from social activities which they used to enjoy prior to the global pandemic, such as watching movies with friends. So, if you’re looking for a way to watch Netflix with your buddies, don’t worry; there’s a way to do it online, by using Netflix group watch feature. Netflix Party Plus Extension allows you to watch movies and TV series with your friends. You may also chat with your friends while watching a movie with this extension. Here in this Blog we have mentioned all the Features of Netflix Group Watch. 

How To Start Netflix Group Watch Party?

With the Netflix Party plus Chrome addon, you can live chat with your friends while watching the same TV show or movie. Next to the video, it shows a stream of comments and emojis. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch your favorite TV episodes and movies with your friends while using the Netflix Party + extension. The steps for starting a Netflix group watch using the Netflix Party Plus extension are outlined below.

  • Install the Netflix Party Plus Extension.
  • Make sure everyone in your group has the Netflix Party Plus extension installed.
  • Log into Netflix using your existing login information.
  • Choose the web series or movie your group is looking forward to watching.
  • Click the “Netflix Party” icon to enable the extension.
  • Choose “Only I Have Control.” With this option, you can choose to control the stream, or you can also leave it blank if you wish to allow everyone to decide on the playback.
  • Click on the “Start the party” option.
  • Ensure that the “Show Chat” option is enabled.
  • Now you will get a link. You just need to copy the party link and then this link.

How Does Netflix’s Group Watch Feature Connect People?

With this extension you and your buddies can log into individual Netflix accounts. After this they can choose a movie or show to watch, and Netflix Party will sync the playback across all of your accounts, ensuring that you’re all watching the same thing at the same time. Netflix Party has a text chat feature on the side of the screen that allows you and your friends to chat and reply in real time. 

Netflix Party Chrome extension allows you to watch videos with your friends while also chatting. Even if your loved ones are far away, you may stay in touch with them with the Netflix Party Plus Extension’s Group watch feature. 

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How To Enjoy Netflix Movies Using Group Watch Feature?

Netflix Party plus extension lets users to watch Netflix together with synchronized playback and a shared group chat. Anyone with an active Netflix subscription can use this extension. Netflix Party plus extension is only available on Chrome-enabled desktop or laptop computers.

Spread Netflix all over to your friend and family:

All of your invited guests will be requested to log in using their own Netflix accounts. So, before you choose the movie, take a quick poll to ensure that everyone is signed up.

Decide who will be in charge of the playback:

A host might select to be the only one who can fast forward and rewind the video. Unless the host specifies otherwise, every invitee will be able to control the playback.

Establish ground rules for group conversation:

You may personalize the conversation with user symbols and creative usernames on Netflix Party. Make the most of this opportunity!

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