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How To get Netflix Subscription for free

Netflix for free

To entice new users, Netflix used to provide a one-month free trial. However, as of last year’s Netflix StreamFest 2020, customers must now purchase a Netflix subscription plan in order to watch content on the platform. There are, however, a few ways to avoid paying Rs 199 a month for a Netflix subscription plan in India. With certain recharge plans, popular telecoms and ISPs such as Jio and Vi give a free subscription to the streaming platform. With these recharge packs, you can not only watch Netflix for free, but you can also get free voice calls and access to the internet, among other things. 

3 Ways to stream Netflix for free in India:

  •  Through Share Plans:

This is generally observed in the circle of friends. If you have pals that can’t live without Netflix, ask them to share their Netflix username and password with you. That is something that good communication skills can help you achieve.

Only if your friend or a family member has chosen a premium or regular package is this possible. Because the basic plan has two screens while the premium plan has four.

You can manage your profiles from Netflix’s main dashboard, which is useful for keeping the recommendation list organized and allowing the user to watch whatever he wants.

Sharing plans is one of the most effective ways to obtain Netflix for free.

  • Jio Postpaid Plus:

Jio Postpaid Plus plan for Rs 399 

Jio Postpaid Plus plan for Rs 599 

Jio Postpaid Plus plan of Rs 799 

Jio Postpaid Plus plan of Rs 899 

Jio Postpaid Plus plan for Rs 1,499 

With its newly announced Postpaid Plus plans, Jio is giving away a free Netflix membership. These plans range in price from Rs 399 to Rs 1,499. The base Rs 399 Jio Postpaid Plan includes 75GB of data, unlimited voice and SMS calls, and 200GB of data with rollover. The Rs 599 JioPostpaid Plus Plan, which comes with 100GB of data and one additional SIM card with Family Plan, is a step up the ladder. In addition, Jio PostpaidPlus offers Rs 799 and Rs 899 tariffs. With a Family plan, the Rs 799 Jio postpaid plan comes with 150GB data and two additional SIM cards, whereas the Rs 899 plan comes with 200GB data, up to 500GB rollover benefit, and three more SIM cards.

The top-tier Rs 1,499 Jio Postpaid Plus rate includes 300GB of data, a 500GB rollover bonus, and unlimited voice and data in the UAE and the United States. JioPostpaid Plus also includes a Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime membership in addition to Netflix.

How to activate this Netflix membership free through Jio Plans:-

  1. Download and install the most recent version of the MyJio app.
  2. Use your Jio phone number to log in.
  3. Simply click the Netflix activation banner on the MyJio app’s homepage once you’ve logged in.
  4. To take advantage of the deal, sign in or create a Netflix account.
  5. It’s finished.
  6. It’s worth noting that you’ll get a Rs 199 mobile-only Netflix service.
  7. The Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar activation process is similar to Netflix’s.
  • Through Vodafone idea Postpaid Plans:

Although Vodafone-Idea does not provide Netflix with its prepaid plans, it does offer similar features with its postpaid plans, which cost Rs. 1,099, Rs. 1,699, and Rs. 2,299.

The RedX package from Vodafone starts at Rs 1,099 per month and has a six-month lock-in term. It also provides additional privileges such as complimentary access to international and domestic airport lounges four times each year.

All three plans include a free year of Netflix TV and a mobile plan. This Netflix service costs Rs 5,988 per year on a regular basis. Users will also receive a free Zee5 Premium subscription and a one-year Amazon Prime membership worth Rs 999.

By downloading the MyVodafone app, you may activate your Netflix subscription Easily.

  • With Jio Fiber Plans:-

Rs 1,499 Jio Fiber plan

Rs 2,499 Jio Fiber plan

Rs 3,999 Jio Fiber plan

Rs 8,999 Jio Fiber plan

Jio Fiber has a subscription to a number of OTT platforms, including Netflix. The Netflix package you get is determined by your broadband tariff. The Rs 1,499 Jio Fiber plan comes with a basic Netflix subscription worth Rs 499, and the Rs 2,499 pricing comes with a Netflix Standard subscription worth Rs 649 per month. Netflix Standard and Netflix Premium accounts are accessible with the Rs 3,999 and Rs 8,499 Jio Fiber broadband subscriptions, respectively.

Netflix subscriptions can be activated by simply downloading the Jio app and tapping on the Netflix activation banner.

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Is it Good to go for Free Netflix Membership:-

Everyone likes to save money, but Netflix is one of the best online streaming services, and you should be able to afford it if you are so enthusiastic about it.

It’s fine to be free for three to four months, but Netflix uses that money to produce additional episodes and movies. And how will they make money if we all start getting it for free?

We realize it’s impossible to obtain free Netflix for a lifetime OR to get Netflix for free forever, but you should purchase a subscription at some point.

Finally, you will have to pay for it; nothing can be obtained for free for an extended period of time. Netflix is available for free, but only for a limited time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1:- Which Netflix plans do we get with VI postpaid plan?

Ans:- You will receive a Netflix Basic account, which is valued at Rs 499. The ability to broadcast video on huge screens as well as mobile phones in SD is one of the plan’s advantages. It can only function on one screen at a time.

Q2:- Which Netflix plans do we get with Jio fiber?

Ans:- The Jio Fiber plan for Rs 1,499 includes a Netflix Basic membership, which costs Rs 499 otherwise. The Netflix Standard package is included with the Rs 2,499 and Rs 3,999 Jio internet tariffs, while the Netflix Premium plan is included with the Rs 8,499 Jio broadband tariff.


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