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How to watch Netflix with friends

watch netflix with friends

Many people feel disconnected from the social activities that they used to enjoy before the global pandemic, such as watching movies together with friends. SO if you are searching how to watch Netflix with friends then please don’t worry, there’s a way to do this online. 

Netflix Party Plus is a Chrome extension that lets you enjoy movies and shows with your friends. The new Netflix party also allows you to chat with your friends during the movie playtime.

This is how Netflix Party Plus works : You and your friends log into your individual Netflix accounts. Netflix Party Plus allows you to choose a movie or series that you want to watch. The playback will be synced across all your accounts so that everyone is watching the same thing from their individual accounts. Netflix Party Plus has a text chat function that you can use to chat with your friends. It works in the same way as YouTube during live streams.

How to enjoy movies on Netflix with friends using the Netflix Party plus extension

  • Download the Netflix Party Chrome Extension.
  • Start playing videos after opening Netflix.
  • Click on the Netflix Party Plus extension icon located next to your address bar.
  • A window will appear instructing you to “Create Netflix Parties.”
  • Click “Only I have control” to manage playback. Otherwise, all invited guests will be able to rewind or fast forward through the Netflix video.
  • Click the “Start party icon.”
  • Send the URL to your friends.

How to watch Netflix Web series and  TV shows with friends on Android devices

With schools closed and people still stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, remote viewing parties and apps have become very popular. They allow friends and family to catch up on movies and TV shows at their own homes. This was a major issue because nearly all of these services were only available on computers.

But now a new app, Watch with Friends, has been developed by Caavo (the same company that created the high-end Caavo Control Center universal remote), and promises to deliver the same experience on Android and iOS devices.

Watch With Friends can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and as an extension. This app allows you to create a watch party group by copying the link to the Netflix movie or show you want to watch. The app can also be used by guests to join the party. After that, “Watch With Friends” will automatically identify your Roku or Apple TV and play the show.

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Final words

Netflix Party plus Chrome extension allows you to live chat with your friends while simultaneously watching the same TV show or movie. It displays a stream of text-based comments and emoticons right next to the video. So, please don’t pass up the chance to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with your friends using the Netflix Party plus extension.

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