How to enjoy movies with Netflix party plus extension

netflix party plus extension

During the global coronavirus pandemic outbreak, most of us were stuck in our homes and practising social distancing. We are all missing the social activities that we used to enjoy, such as watching movies together or hanging out with friends. But now with Netflix party plus extension you can enjoy all the movies & TV shows on Netflix with your friends.

With the Netflix Party Plus Chrome Extension, you can now watch and enjoy amazing Netflix movies with your friends. You can also chat with your friends while watching Netflix with the Netflix Party Plus extension.

Following the installation of the Netflix Party Plus extension, Log in, share a link with your friends, and you will see a chatroom on the right-hand side.

This is how you can enjoy Netflix movies with your friends. It will only work on Chrome browsers on your desktop, laptop, and computers.

Step-by-step instructions for watching movies with the Netflix Party plus extension

Step 1-In the first step, you need to install the Netflix Party Plus extension on your Chrome browser.

Step 2-Open your favorite movie on Netflix

  • Open a new tab in your Chrome browser and log in to your Netflix account with the required details.
  • Select any movie that you want to enjoy with your friends.

Step 3-Create your movie party

  • To create your own movie watch party, click the red NP icon next to the Chrome address bar.
  • To get the party started, click “Start Party” and share the URL with your friends.

How your friends can join & watch movie together with Netflix party plus extension?

After generating the URL by clicking on “Start Party,” share the URL with your friends. This will take your friends to Netflix’s website. Then they click. Click on the NP button near the address bar to automatically join the party.

One person will have the authority to pause, play, and forward the movie.   

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The Advantages of Watching Netflix Movies with Netflix Party Plus Extension   

Many of us are experiencing anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every person reacts differently to these circumstances, and it can be difficult to know how to help a friend you care about.

There are many ways to keep in touch with people if you are not able to meet them in person or feel unsafe or uncomfortable doing so due to the coronavirus pandemic. Through social media or phone calls, you can stay in touch with your friends and family that matter to you.

Apart from these, you can also watch movies with your friends using the Netflix Party Plus extension because if you watch something with your friends, your emotions get doubled, which will have more psychological benefits. Movies are not only a great source of entertainment, but they also help to relax the mind. Here are some benefits of watching movies and TV shows on Netflix with your friends.

  • Relaxation: Certain films can be a relaxing experience. A movie can allow you to be completely detached from your surroundings for a period of time. Television allows our minds to be active and allows external thoughts and worries to disappear. 
  • Motivation: Fictional characters can be motivating agents. A viewer may be inspired by an iconic character to either become more like them or less repulsed by them. Seeing certain action lines can inspire viewers to pursue similar actions in their own lives. A viewer might be inspired by a passionate character to pursue their personal interests. This can play a crucial role in your life if you are feeling demotivated in this pandemic situation. 
  • Films and TV shows often show different types of friendship and family relationships. Analyzing these relationships can assist one in reflecting on and growing in their own relationships. 
  • Film viewing can have a cathartic impact, allowing viewers to experience strong emotions. Films can make people laugh, cry, or just be happy.
  • Seeing scary movies like “Horror” may make you feel more relaxed over the long term. Horror movies help to release cortisol, which later converts into dopamine once the stress is over. 

How to watch Netflix with friends

watch netflix with friends

Many people feel disconnected from the social activities that they used to enjoy before the global pandemic, such as watching movies together with friends. SO if you are searching how to watch Netflix with friends then please don’t worry, there’s a way to do this online. 

Netflix Party Plus is a Chrome extension that lets you enjoy movies and shows with your friends. The new Netflix party also allows you to chat with your friends during the movie playtime.

This is how Netflix Party Plus works : You and your friends log into your individual Netflix accounts. Netflix Party Plus allows you to choose a movie or series that you want to watch. The playback will be synced across all your accounts so that everyone is watching the same thing from their individual accounts. Netflix Party Plus has a text chat function that you can use to chat with your friends. It works in the same way as YouTube during live streams.

How to enjoy movies on Netflix with friends using the Netflix Party plus extension

  • Download the Netflix Party Chrome Extension.
  • Start playing videos after opening Netflix.
  • Click on the Netflix Party Plus extension icon located next to your address bar.
  • A window will appear instructing you to “Create Netflix Parties.”
  • Click “Only I have control” to manage playback. Otherwise, all invited guests will be able to rewind or fast forward through the Netflix video.
  • Click the “Start party icon.”
  • Send the URL to your friends.

How to watch Netflix Web series and  TV shows with friends on Android devices

With schools closed and people still stuck in their homes due to the pandemic, remote viewing parties and apps have become very popular. They allow friends and family to catch up on movies and TV shows at their own homes. This was a major issue because nearly all of these services were only available on computers.

But now a new app, Watch with Friends, has been developed by Caavo (the same company that created the high-end Caavo Control Center universal remote), and promises to deliver the same experience on Android and iOS devices.

Watch With Friends can be downloaded for iOS, Android, and as an extension. This app allows you to create a watch party group by copying the link to the Netflix movie or show you want to watch. The app can also be used by guests to join the party. After that, “Watch With Friends” will automatically identify your Roku or Apple TV and play the show.

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Final words

Netflix Party plus Chrome extension allows you to live chat with your friends while simultaneously watching the same TV show or movie. It displays a stream of text-based comments and emoticons right next to the video. So, please don’t pass up the chance to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with your friends using the Netflix Party plus extension.

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How to start Netflix watch party

start netflix watch party

There is nothing better than watching a movie with friends. In this article you will learn how you can start a Netflix watch party. During a global pandemic, it’s better to stay inside so you don’t spread a deadly disease and you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies without any worry. There are many online resources that can help you host a virtual watch party.

Many people find Netflix a comforting source of entertainment. However, if you are watching the shows all by yourself, it can become monotonous. Netflix can be viewed online with friends and partners regardless of where they reside. Netflix is now available to everyone, making it more enjoyable and exciting for all.

If you are bored and want to host a Netflix watch party, then you can easily do this by installing the Netflix party plus extension.

Starting Netflix watch party with Netflix party plus extension

You can watch Netflix with your family and friends free of charge by installing the Netflix party plus chrome extension. It is a top-rated Google Chrome extension for watching Netflix with friends. You need to create a new session to enjoy movies & TV shows on Netflix with your friends. It is easy to create sessions and invite other people. Users can only add people with a current Netflix subscription.

Step by step guide to start Netflix watch party

  1. Get the Netflix Party+ extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Go to invite URL option.
  3. Click the red NP icon near the address bar to join the party.
  4. If you are a new user, choose a user icon for your chat name to help you be identified by other users.
  5. Sit & enjoy Netflix watch party.

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How to host virtual watch party on Zoom

This is the most flexible option. The Zoom requires only one person to share their screen, unlike other streaming services that require everyone to have an active (paid account).

First, queue up the video that you wish to play and then start a Zoom meeting. Click the green Share Screen button at the bottom of the Zoom window. You will be prompted to choose which application you wish to share. Choose the browser window with the video. 

Look for the two checkboxes in the lower left corner under the sharing options tab before you click “Share.”

There will be options to “Share Computer audio/sound” and “Optimize screen sharing for the video.” Be sure to check both boxes. Click Share, and you are done. To make it easier for other participants to hear, the host may adjust the volume of the video player.

Zoom has its downsides. The video quality is not always excellent. If you have slow internet, lags and stuttering can be frustrating. If the meeting host uses Zoom’s free version, each meeting can only last 40 minutes.